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Stanislaus Fernando

Member of   : Los Flamencos

Genres           : Group Harmony

Stanislaus was born on 10th April 1944 to Mister Manuel Francis Joseph and Olivia Bernis De Silva in the Colombo suburban village of Sinharamulla, Kelaniya. He studied at St. Aloysius Seminary, Colombo 08 for five years and  then at St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa. His earliest musical influences and inspirations came from singing church songs at St. Sebastian’s Church. The experience he gained by same helped him to improve his musical talent

Stanislaus realized that his great dream was to become a professional singer, after winning a vocal music contest held at St. Aloysius seminary. With this new inspiration, he learnt music and singing from Father Dominic Kandappa.  After completing his studies and the advance level exams, he left the seminary and teamed up with his former schoolmate Duleep De Siva in practicing Latin American and Spanish songs. Eventually, they formed a group with few other friends from their hometown of Moratuwa and named themselves ‘Los Flamencos’.


They composed many songs including the most famous song “Kalu Kelle”, which was performed by the group during their first stage appearance in 1967. The group’s first recording opportunity was offered by The Gowri Corporations on Philips label.

Stanislaus worked at Grindlay’s Bank at Fort, close to The Children’s Bookshop. Thus, he was a frequent visitor to the shop which was a popular hangout location for artists as well as fans. During these visits he became friends with the popular female vocalist Indrani and Gerald’s son Netaji.

In 1969, Gerald invited Stanislaus for an audition to record songs on his label. The group was selected by the audition and their next three records were released with Sooriya.

Los Flamencos photo shoot for Sooriya album cover: ‘Los Famencos On The Move’ – 1969 L to R: Nihal, Delricus, Stanislaus, Duleep, George


The group performed at hotels and apart from their own compositions they performed songs in other languages, mainly Spanish and Swahili. Stanislaus and other members used to practice pronunciation during the weekends and as a result, the group’s Spanish was so authentic and convincing; once during a performance at Browns Beach hotel, a foreign lady had made a bet with her friend that the band members could actually speak Spanish.

Stanislaus received support and encouragement from his workplace Grindlay’s Bank and later Seylan Bank. He fondly remembers how he was allowed to leave early from office for performances and how the band practiced during evenings after work.

Stanislaus has three brothers Anton, Milroy and Mohan as well as three sisters Koni, Margret and Moira.

Married to Sriyani, he is a beloved father of two children Sulochani and Shivantha.

His musical career did not continue after 1978, as few of the group members travelled overseas though his love for music remains same.

Married to Sriyani, he is a beloved father of two children Sulochani and Shivantha.

Having left to U.A.E in 1980, Stanislaus returned to Sri Lanka only in 1994 and joined Seylan Merchant Bank. Today he enjoys his time at the Montessori run by his wife at their residence in Moratuwa.

Stanislaus (standing right) with the management team at Seylan Merchant Bank, 1994


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