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The Moonstones With Indrani Perera

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About the album

Catalogue Number: DFE C 4030

Type: Vinyl EP 45rpm

Year: 1969

Vocals: Annesley Malawana, Indrani Perera

Lyrics: Clarence Wijewardena

Melodies: Clarence Wijewardena

Music Direction: Clarence Wijewardena

Recording Engineer: Mervyn Rodrigo

Recording Studio: Sarasavi Studio

Cover Design: Lithoart Services

Lithography: Lithoart Services


“Sigiriya” popular as “Wana Dewliya” was Indrani’s next hit song after “Dilhani”. Relates to the ancient rock fortress ‘Sigiriya’ in Sri Lanka. The first Sri Lankan song to use Bossa ova beat.

“Sumudu Saman Mal” lead singing by Annesley.

“Ralahamy” relates to a story of a policeman.

“Pem Kathawa” also known as “Mama Eda Gosin” a duet with Annesley and Indrani. A guitar wah wah pedal being used for the first time in a recording.

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