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About the album

Catalogue Number: CHB 001

Type: Vinyl EP 45rpm

Year: 1968

Vocals: Annesley Malawana

Lyrics: Clarence Wijewardena

Music Direction: Clarence Wijewardena

Recording Engineer: Mervyn Rodrigo

Recording Studio: Sarasavi Studio


First EP on Sooriya label.

“Kalu Mama” dedicated to the husband of Mango Nanda. Song relates to his lifestyle and his daughter “Ango Kumari”.

“Rosa Male” a melodious conversation between a bee and a child inspired by how a bee sucks nectar from Roses.

“Goyam Kapanawa” relates to a lady working at a paddy field.

“Ramani” a song dedicated to the eldest daughter of Sri Sangabo Corea: Manager of The Moonstones.

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