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Los Flamencos On The Move

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About the album

Catalogue Number: DFE C 4031

Type: Vinyl EP 45rpm

Year: 1969

Vocals: Los Flamencos

Music Direction: Nissanka Wimalasuriya

Recording Engineer: Mervyn Rodrigo

Recording Studio: Vijaya Studio

Cover Photo: Ralex Ranasinghe (Weekend)

Lithography: Lithoart Services


“Sigiri Komaliyo” dedicated to the beautiful women depicted in the lovely wall frescoes painted on the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya over a thousand years ago.

“Eran Kaleya” an old folk song popularly sung during Sinhalese festivals. Duleep takes the lead in both “Sigiri Komaliyo” and “Eran Kaleya”.

An English number in “Song of Ceylon” with George Ludowyke as lead singer.

Stanislaus leads “Kaju Kello”, a song inspired by the pretty girls who sell Kaju nuts on the Kandy Road at Pasyala, a spot very popular with tourists.

(Extracted from the write-up on the album cover)

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