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The Three Perera Sisters in Harmony

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About the album

Catalogue Number: CHB 008

Type: Vinyl EP 45rpm

Year: 1969

Vocals: Three Sisters

Lyrics: Hemasri de Alwis, Lakshman Perera

Music Direction: Victor Dalugama

Recording Engineer: Mervyn Rodrigo

Recording Studio: Sarasavi Studio

Cover Design: Lithoart Services

Lithography: Lithoart Services


A girl speaks of her beauty and affection despite being of dark skin: song “Kalu Kella Mamai” with Indrani on lead.

Mallika takes the lead in “Adare Karanna”. The song was described by the Star Pop Special in 1969 as “the beatiest Sinhala song ever recorded, as rhythmic as the Lennon McCartney Ob-bla-di, ob-bla-da”.

“Akkala Nangila” with Indrani as the lead singer, is about the three sisters themselves.

“Rankurulla” with Mallika as lead singer.

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