Australia, as a Country, is the great brown Land that many of us, Lankan/Aussies are lucky to be living in, at the moment. How it will be, in the future, is anybody’s guess.

Australia’s”Country Musicians”, while getting better, “As time goes by”, still have a long way to go, in comparison to their American counterparts. America, while boasting some of the greatest “names” in Country Music, also has had dozens of singers, bands & instrumentalists who were simply just “wannabes”, coming in from all over the World to “record”their songs in the U.S.of A, where, I believe, there are now more than 150 Radio Stations dedicated totally to “Country Music”. Tune in 24/7 for Country Music.

How wonderful, excepting for the fact that, right now, it is no longer called by it’s original name. It is now, dear reader,

“Modern-Country”, There is a song, strangely, but very well recorded by a Modern “Country-Man” named Alan Jackson.

He sings these words “Someone killed Country music, there on “Country Row”. How true it is.!, ” they even told the Possum, pack up & go on home, they’ve committed murder, right there, on Country Row”.

As I’ve done before, & will hopefully keep on doing, for eLanka, making our top website well worth watching and reading, I will choose “songs”that hopefully, will entertain our members even for a few minutes. This time, I have picked a song entitled “Fear of falling”. Donna Fisk, daughter of Gene Bradley Fisk, another Australian music fanatic, very popular in an earlier genre of Aussie Country music, and Michael Christian, a young singer/songwriter & superb guitarist, gives us this song, introduced by Bert Newton on the Channel 10 morning I cannot imagine a “sexier” beautiful Aussie female singing so well, accompanied by her partner, a handsome goodlooking young guy who also strums & plays his guitar, as I did, in the old days, two-stringed harmony “lead” & all, in a song I think, she wrote, a song you will want to hear (& SEE) over and over again. If any reader of eLanka wishes to “fantasize” on “Vertigo”, watch “The fear of falling”, Rock n Roll Country-Style.

Desmond Kelly.
“Squire of Sooriya”

Desmond Kelly

A singer, a songwriter, an entertainer and a journalist, Des was one of the pioneering Sri Lankan musicians to migrate to Australia.

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