How many times have we heard “stories” like this?!!

“My biscuits were too hard
Not like HIS Mother used to make
He didn’t like my curries
Or even the love-cake
The coffee wasn’t brewed right
Nor was HIS herbal-tea
The biryani was “not nice”
Nor was the mulligatawny
Shirt-buttons “missed” the button-hole
Tie knotted on askew
I didn’t mend his socks
Just like HIS Mother used to do”
I stood there, quite dumbfounded
While HE kept finding fault
“The eggs are NOT boiled right
Where IS the pepper & the salt”?
“I think I’m getting tired” I said
“I’m going to take a nap
Can’t blame your Mum for giving you
A thundering bloody slap
You’re just a great big grumble-bum
Who knows sweet bugger-all
And you can go and get your sleep
On the couch, out in the hall”
I’ve heard this lament, many times
It cuts just like a knife
When made by other women-kind
But certainly NOT my wife
Everything I’ve said above is true
I’m sure you will agree
The strife of many Lankan wives
Make them clamor to be free!

Desmond Kelly. K.F.C.
K.F.C. (Not an award, simply “Kelly From Colombo”)


Desmond Kelly

A singer, a songwriter, an entertainer and a journalist, Des was one of the pioneering Sri Lankan musicians to migrate to Australia.

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