Dunstan De Silva Head of the Sinhala music service at Radio Ceylon, claimed that Sooriya was recording music of poisonous proportions in the form of pop & baila. Having played alongside Dunstan in the Orchestra of Ananda Samarakoon, Gerald consulted him and requested to bring something non-poisonous to record.

Thus, Sooriya LP 2 “Songs & Rhythms of Sri Lanka” intended mainly for tourists.

The album was presented to the public at the star-studded Sooriya Show backed by Pani Bharatha’s dance troupe and the Sooriya oriental orchestra on March 11, 1973 .

Gerald & Dulcie presented copies of Sooriya LP 1 “The Sooriya Show” and LP 2 “Songs & Rhythms of Sri Lanka” to Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, at the Sooriya Show at Navaragahala on May 05, 1973.