Sooriya released the first LP produced in Sri Lanka: “The Sooriya Show” bearing catalogue number CHB LP 1.

The first Sri Lankan member of the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

Sooriya was the first to blend traditional drum rhythms with a western orchestra: Sooriya  pop orchestra combined with Pani Bharatha’s drummers for the first time at a Sooriya Show on August 22, 1971

The first Child artiste to launch a disc: Shiromi Fernando. The disc became the second big seller on Sooriya label after “Dilhani”.

Commenced the weekly “Sooriya Show” on radio broadcasting on the English service of Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation.

A highlight in the Sooriya calendar was the weekly radio program “The Sooriya Show” every Thursday at 9.45pm. Hosted by Vijaya Corea, the golden voice of all Sooriya live shows.

As much as Sooriya was Gerald and Dulcie Wickremesooriya, Vijaya Corea has to be mentioned in the same breath as he was an integral part of building Sooriya and Sinhala pop music. “Without Vijaya, there wouldn’t be Sooriya” was often said by Gerald Wickremesooriya.