Release of the first Decca recording “The Spitfires Blast Off” followed by “The Los Flamencos On The Move”, “Sigiriya” “Sahodarayo Hathara Dena” and “City of Colombo”.

Soon hit after hit was churned out and many new artistes were transformed to stars on the Sooriya label.

Launched Sooriya’s first live musical show which later became popular as “The Sooriya Show”.

“Melodies That Linger” was the title of the first live show presented by Sooriya. Held at Hotel Taprobane on June 14, 1969 the show featured Spirtfires with Dalreen and Desmond, M.S. Fernando and Dharmaratne Brothers.

In an era of radio being the only mode of broadcasting, Sooriya Shows paved a real life experience for music lovers; to see your favorite artiste performing your favorite song live!

It was since the second show held at Ramakrishna Hall, Wellawatte the show was titled “The Sooriya Show”.

Besides being always “Sold Out”, the Sooriya Shows also offered a space for youngsters to make distinct and bold fashion statements.